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Simple Ingredients

You Can Feel Good About

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At Toby’s Family Foods, our mission is to make simple and delicious foods, using the fewest possible ingredients that are of the highest quality, locally sourced, and minimally processed.

Here’s what’s important to us (and to our customers)…

Real Ingredients

We choose our ingredients carefully, asking producers exactly how the ingredients are treated, and opting for non-GMO and organic at every opportunity. We believe that your food should be like you—original, unmodified, and real.


We’re fortunate to be headquartered in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley where we have access to fresh, local ingredients. We like knowing where our ingredients come from and we love supporting our local farms. Our Dressing & Dip is made with the freshest dairy products from local dairies all within just a few miles from us.

Handcrafted & Small Batch

We’re staying true to our roots. Instead of mass production, we ensure quality with handcrafted food made in small batches. Even our organic tofu, used in Toby’s Plant Based Dip & Spread, is handmade in small batches by Ota Tofu in Portland, Oregon.

Food Conscious

Our easy-to-read labels, listing ingredients you recognize, heighten awareness of the food you’re putting in your body. Whether you are an omnivore, vegan, or somewhere in between, Toby’s Family Foods wants you to understand how the ingredients, processes, and even the packaging all play a role in healthy food.

Family Focused

Toby started making food in the 1970s from her home kitchen because she was committed to nourishing her children with simple foods made from real ingredients. Decades later, we’re still family-owned and operated and our staff, community, and long-time customers are family too!

We hope you’ll find a place for Toby’s in your heart and on your plate!

Toby's plant based dips and spreads
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Toby's Family Foods dressing and dip lineup
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