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5 Easy Tips to Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long!

vegetarian chili with jalapeno ranch

Earth Day is almost here! Every year since 1970 the world celebrates our planet on April 22nd. Do you have any plans for Earth Day this year? Here at Toby’s, we celebrate Earth Day but we also try to be environmentally conscious throughout the year. We believe that we can all make a difference and small actions can compound into big results.

The key to success is to fight a sense of overwhelm by taking small steps. This is our philosophy when it comes to healthy eating and it’s our philosophy with the environment as well. So we are really excited to share with you some tips that will make a difference without being too hard or overwhelming. In fact, these activities are not only easy they can also be a lot of fun!

Tip #1 — Participate in a Local Recycling or Clean-Up Initiative

Toby’s regularly partners with Nancy’s Springfield Creamery for a recycling round-up to collect our plastic containers. Most likely there’s a local clean-up initiative in your neighborhood that could use your help. But even if you don’t participate in an organized event, pick up trash in your neighborhood when you’re on your next walk. Remember, small actions can make a big difference.

Tip #2 — Choose Reusable Bottles & Bags

This tip has become more and more popular — instead of buying a disposable item, get something that’s reusable. For example, use a refillable water bottle, instead of plastic disposable water bottles. Or when you go to the grocery store to shop for your favorite Toby’s product, bring your reusable shopping bags instead of the plastic bags the store provides. Waste Management estimates that we use 4 TRILLION plastic bags each year worldwide. Let’s do our part to bring that number down!

Tip #3 — Eat Less Meat

According to, “Our food system accounts for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, making animal agriculture one of the largest contributors to climate change.” At Toby’s we’re big proponents of plant-forward eating. You don’t need to be a vegan or even a vegetarian to be a plant-forward eater. It’s simply getting more plants on your plate. You can embrace the plant-forward approach to eating, and still occasionally eat meat or dairy. It’s just that proportionately you choose more of your food from plant sources. Find tips to get started here — Toby’s Products — Helping You Ease Into Plant-Forward Eating.

Tip #4 — Support Your Local CSA

CSA stands for “community supported agriculture.” With most CSAs you’re getting excellent produce at extremely fair prices. This is because you skip over the middleman, transportation, and storage costs which is good for the environment and your budget. Learn more about how you can support your local CSA!

Tip #5 — Reuse Containers

Before you toss Toby’s containers in your recycle bin we have a better idea — reuse them! By reusing our Toby’s containers (or any other containers) you don’t have to buy that item. It’s actually kind of fun to get creative with all the different ways items can be repurposed.

Here’s how you can reuse Toby’s Dressing jars:

Here’s how you can reuse Toby’s Dip & Spread containers:

Are you inspired to try one of our tips? Do you have a clever way you reuse Toby’s containers? Head over to our Facebook page and share your ideas. 

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