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How to Add Some Pizzazz to That Boring Green Salad

You want to add more vegetables to your diet and so you turn to salad… again! It’s quick, it’s easy, and (uh-oh) it’s kind of boring. You use the same old salad mix and throw in a few carrots or maybe a couple of tomatoes and are frustrated to find your family is less than enthusiastic about eating it. Don’t they know it’s good for them? 

Or maybe you’re trying to make healthier lunches for yourself, but the thought of one more salad has you feeling tempted to run to the nearest fast-food joint. What can you do to jazz things up and get you or your family devouring salad and even clamoring for more?

Change it Up with Fresh, Seasonal Vegetables 

When your vegetables are fresh and local they taste better! And it helps you get out of the same old salad rut as you transition into what’s available each season. 

Here’s one of our favorite spring salad recipes, that takes advantage of watermelon radishes, asparagus, and sugar snap peas. Yum!

You can find recipes where fall and winter vegetables are the stars in our recipe section.

Add Some Zesty New Flavors

Of course, one of the easiest ways to do this is with one of Toby’s amazing dressings! But there are other ways to add some zesty flavor to your salad. This fun recipe uses Toby’s Jalapeño Dip & Spread, which delivers just the right amount of kick to give your taste buds a gentle zing. As an added benefit, the spread provides your salad with some healthy plant-based protein. No one ever calls this salad boring!

Toby’s Plant Based Dips & Spreads make a great, protein-rich foundation for all kinds of delicious salads. Experiment with your favorite flavor combos using the recipe, Mostly Raw Lettuce Cups with Toby’s Plant Based Dip & Spread.

Turn Up the Heat with a Warm Salad

Who said salad always has to be cold? A warm salad feels more like a hearty meal and makes for a whole new salad-eating experience.

This kale salad dressing is not only warm, but with the crispy baked chickpeas, you also add a bit of crunch.

Our goal at Toby’s will always be to get folks to get more veggies and we’ve learned if it tastes really, really good, we’re more apt to make healthy choices! So if you’re looking for even more inspiration, join our family. You can stay up-to-date with our new recipes, product specials and savings, and tips for healthy food-lovers by signing up for our newsletter.