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Support your local CSA!

Are you a member of a CSA? Or maybe you own or have a farm that runs a local CSA? Here at Toby’s Family Foods we’re big fans of CSAs and are on the lookout for ways to be even more supportive to them and their members!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “community supported agriculture.” There are various ways you can support your local farmers, like buying your produce at the local farmer’s market. However, CSA membership takes it a step further. Members of CSAs buy a portion (or share) of a local farm’s harvest for the year. The fee, which is often paid annually, is given in exchange for a weekly box of seasonal farm items. 

This arrangement is a win-win for farms and for people who love delicious, local produce! It’s no surprise that it’s growing in popularity. Michael Rubin, Toby’s Director of Sales and Marketing explains, “I personally am a member with Camas Swale’s CSA and really enjoying my weekly box!” 

What Are the Benefits of Supporting a CSA Near You?

Nutritious and super fresh produce every week! CSAs can only provide what’s in season, which means you always get the very freshest fruits and vegetables! Many CSAs are certified organic for even more health benefits.

More diversity in your diet. We can all get in a rut with the fruits and vegetables we choose week after week at our local grocery store. Having a box of produce that’s been selected for you pushes you outside your comfort zone. It’s a great opportunity to try different produce you may never have eaten before. (Don’t forget to visit our recipe section for creative ways to use your produce.)

Save money and the environment. With most CSAs you’re getting excellent produce at extremely fair prices. This is because you skip over the middleman, transportation, and storage costs. Good for the environment and your budget.

Support your local community. Farmers often struggle to compete with larger, commercial farms. Show your support to your local farms so they can stay in business and you and your family can continue to enjoy the benefits.

What Toby’s Does to Support CSAs

Toby’s is fortunate to be headquartered in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley where we have access to fresh, local ingredients. We like knowing where our ingredients come from and we love supporting our local farms, including CSAs!

Here are a few examples of our recent collaborations with CSAs:

  • We contributed Toby’s dressing to members of Blooming Junction CSA to pair with summer seasonal veggies. 
  • We donated VIP free product coupons to Organic Redneck CSA.
  • We sent some VIP coupons to a youth program that offers a small CSA in Tigard, Oregon.

Toby’s Family Foods continues to actively reach out to CSAs, not just in Oregon, but across the nation to partner with. Are you a member of a CSA? Please contact us and we can arrange to give your CSA members our famous Toby’s Dressings or VIP coupons for any Toby’s Family Food products for free. Trust us — fresh produce paired with Toby’s small-batch, handcrafted products are a match made in heaven!