Huerto de la Familia

Huerto de la Familia organic strawberry farmer

September 15, 2016

UPDATE: We are currently unable to source strawberries from Huerto de la Familia. At this time we are sourcing from California organic growers.

Heurto De La Familia can be found hidden on River Road in Eugene, Oregon.  They are a family owned farm that produces 100% organic foods as a means to provide healthy food for the community and an opportunity for their Latino workers to get in touch with their farming roots and the earth.  As a non profit, they run a Small Foods Program that works with the growing Latino population in Lane County to provide business and farming opportunities that include small business and organic agricultural training.  What this means is that they want to improve the lives of low income Latinos in the immediate area through healthy food and cultural identity.  The families that they serve live at 100-150% of the poverty line.  

Given that Oregon is one of the “hungriest” states, with one in five people on food stamps, Heurto De La Familia’s mission to reduce hunger through organic agricultural education and teaching people to grow their own food, is admirable.  They believe that by infusing the drive to grow your own organic food, they can reduce hunger, increase the poor’s health and improve their economic standing by lowering their weekly grocery bill.  The social benefits of this program are far and wide. It allows Latino’s to connect to their cultural roots, gives them a sense of pride at being able to provide for their families and creates inner community bonding.  

Huerto de la Familia organic strawberry field

Heurto De La Familia holds a six-week organic gardening class that they have coined “Siembra La Cenna,” or Seeds – to – Supper, with all of their classes being taught in Spanish.  These classes take place at six different subsidized garden plots throughout the Eugene/Springfield area, which allows them to show other Latinos how you can have a fully functioning, farm to table garden in the middle of a city.  

In addition to their work as a nonprofit, they run a booth at the Sprouts Farmers Market every Friday, their menu features traditional Hispanic dishes, with all the produce coming from their farm.  If you want to check them out visit Sprouts! Friday Farmers Market in Springfield, Friday’s from 3 PM to 7 PM.  Their widely popular U-Pick Program, allows anyone from the community to come pick their own fruits and veggies at designated times throughout harvesting season.  If you are interested in picking your own fruits and vegetables from Heurto De La Familia click here to find out more!

As we talked about in “For the Love of Strawberries,” Heurto De La Familia sells their fruits and vegetables to various businesses, including the University of Oregon, throughout Eugene.  We use their strawberries for our Strawberry Lemonade and Strawberry Apple Juice.  Their program has received a various number of awards for their success in providing food security to Lane County.  

To find out more about Heurto De La Familia, or to get involved in their cause click the link below to find out more.

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